Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Night of Baking

This is Avraham, the bear I gave Mark for Hannukah last year. Mark took Avraham with him to Iraq to keep him company.

From 17th Nov
It is after Shabbat, so now the work begins.
Mark and I were to speak today via the internet. Because the lines were busy, Mark couldn't get through to me. So we did chatted online. I am thankful for the fact that we have this mode of contact.
Tonight I am finishing the baking for the Holiday Craft Sale. The sugar cookies are done, so I am now working on the sugarless ones. I a sweeter I now make with the juice of dried fruit. Having made a sample cookie, I need to add a little more honey to sweeten it. I think they both will sell well. Pillows are also almost finished. I will take pictures tomorrow.
I plan to take Moshe with me.

He's great company.

Would it surprise you that I also pray for the people of Iraq?
To see them enjoy the freedoms we have. That their children, both boys and girls can go to school and receive a good education. That they will be able to worship in the matter they see fit and not live in fear because they chose another faith. That their country is restored.
As A Civil Affairs officer, Mark is in a position
And I, keeping the home fires burning and praying am a part of that.

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