Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving: Yes, it Was

Mark's sister, Darcy
Me (Laini) with Mum and Dad Reel
Me, missing my guy.
Our beautiful niece, Lizzie. Daughter of Darcy and Alex.
Alex (Lizzie's dad) and Mumu

Thursday, November 22, 20078:38:00 PM EST
Feeling Happy
I went to Mark's parnets home for Thanksgiving.
The down side: I had inivited a young single mum and she failed to show up or even call me to tell me that she was depressed and could not face a family setting.
So, I had to call Mum and tell her our guest wasn't coming and I would need a ride.
But that was only the downside.
Mark did manage to call his folks. He said the army cooks outdid themselves. The menus was massive and despite being away from home, they had a great time.
It was so nice. His youngest sister, Darcy and her husband Alex and their daughter Lizzie was and her family were also there.
I brought Cinderella for Lizzie (now 3 years old to watch) We watched it twice. The food was wonderful and it felt good to be surrounded by family. There was a peace today I had not experience in a very long time.
We all love and miss Mark and I could speak freely without the fear of judgement or eye rolls. Mum is so easy to talk to; knowing what it is like to have the man you love so far away; the longing, the fears, the loneliness. Dad said they were glad I came over for the day and I was glad I went as well.
And little Lizzie kept me busy with her little stories, playing hide and seek, and colouring. At one point in the evening, Lizzie looked at the picture of Mark and I hanging on the wall. He's wearing his army greens. Lizzie asked "Who's that?" I said, "Uncle Mark." She respected, "Uncle Mark and that's you." Since I'd given the same picture to her parnets, she will continue to talk about her "Uncle Mark" praying for him when it is time to go to bed.
Later, because the weather was so nice, we sat on the stoop , enjoying the full moon and watching Lizzie rake leaves.
The only thing that would have made it perfect is if I had been able to talk to Mark. But I also know that the lines were busy and I'd speak to him in the morning.
I just had alittle more turkey. I believe I shall sleep well tonight.

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