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The Beauty of the Lights

From Dec. 9th, 2007

The Maccabees
The lasting achievement of the Maccabees was not that they won a war but that they rekindled the light of hope in Jewish hearts and saved the faith of monotheism from defeat.- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, 1997

The Celebration of Hanukkah
Hanukkah has always been a celebration of Judaism in the midst of pressure to let go of Jewish uniqueness.- Cantor Ari Priven
As Jewish believers in the Messiah, Mark and I love Haunkkah. For it isn't the winning of the victory over our enemy(jews do not celebrate war) that is impotant, but the mircale that occured afterwards.
The Temple was made unholy by the offering of unclean animals, mostly swine, and it had to be made clean before offerings to the One True G-d could be made. However, there was only enough oil one day. However, the oil lasted eight days until more oil could arrive.
And it is during this time of reflection of the miracle our G-d has done and is doing in our lives that we celebrate. It is a time of fun, family and thanksgiving.
Thanking G-d for His goodness and for sending His Son, the Messiah to the world. For while Yeshua wasn't born this time of the year, it was during this time, Hanukkah that Miriam (Mary) concieved He Who is the Redeemer of Isreal.

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The Beauty of the Lights
This afternoon, I had to run out and buy more candles for the Hanukkiahs. Each night, we add a candle to the hanukkiah and the house slowlybecomes ablazed with light and colour. I love to turn off the lights and enjoy the lights.
There is a store I love to shop at, Texture and I was hoping they still had candles. They did. So I borught two more boxes. One of the sales women lives in the same apartment build as I. She and her boyfriend's livingroom faces ours. She told me how much she enjoys seeing the lighting of the candles each evening.

As I lit the hanukkiah this evening, the one facing the court, I could see a neighor standing, waiting for me to kindle the lights.

As I lit the one on the other side of the apartment, I saw a family walking by and the children pointed up to my window, for they could see the candles. They were drawn to the beauty of the lights.
It makes me wonder; do people see the Light of Yeshua burning in my life? Is my light shining so brightly that others are drawn to Him? Or do I need to clean my 'temple' so that His light blazes in the darkness?

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