Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Giggles of a Child

From 14th Nov 2007
I went out with a friend today. I found the cookie cutters I'd been looking for. The Aleph-Bet, which is the Hebrew Alphabet. I already have a large Star of David, Torah Scroll and symbols for Channakkah. I think butter cookies in the shapes of the Hebrew letters will be both a hit and a big seller.
As we shopped, I was playing with little Judah, about 17 months old. He grabbed my pink ball cap and the battle was on. For the next hour or so I had to fight Judah for my cap back. Finally, admist the giggles, I did get my cap back.
There is nothing like a baby's giggles or the hugs and kisses of a three year Princess to bring a smile to one's face.
While out, Mark called my cell phone and I was able to speak to my beloved.
How I love hearing his voice. He leave a message last night, singing to sleep. And today, he just sang...just because he loves me.
There is nothing like the love of a good man. And one day, G-d willing, our home will be filled with the giggles of our own children.

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