Monday, October 20, 2008

What Keeps me Going

I just send a note to Mark. The picture I have included.
Yes, deployment is hard. Any militiatry family would tell you that. It is hard on the service person who is far from those they love. And it is hard on wives, husbands, siblings, children.
It is my faith that keeps me going. Knowing that we are in the Palm of His loving Hand, helps me hang on.
It is loving Mark and knowing that he loves me that keeps me going. Every time he calls, within minutes, he tells me that he loves me, that he misses me. And I miss him so much. And yet, we both know that he has a job to do and I support him in that role.
In many ways, nothing has changed. We still send each other love notes and little silly notes. We still give each other gifts for "just because."
Mark still calls just to hear my voice and sing me his wondersome songs. The distrance is just greater, that's all.
We serve a wonderful G-d, Who not only stands close to the lonely, but holds them in His Arms.

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