Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stressed Out

This morning, while visiting our Chiropractor, I was told I stressed out.
I didn't think I was. I thought I was handing things....well, ok.
But after talking to Dr.T, I realize I mind was overacted, even in my sleep and it is showing in my body.
I need to slow it down. And take care of myself. I need to make ssure I eat three meals a day, workout, do my Torah study and work on Mark's quilt. I must not allow myself to get into guilt because I can't help with this group or that project.. As Rabbi Joe pointed out: "I have a husband in a war zone, That is a battle in itself."
During Torah study this evening, I notice my and Mark's picture was up on the Message Board. As a reminder to pray for Mark as he serves overseas and for me as I keep the hom fire burning.
I was telling Dr.T's assistant today that I was thinking of going to the beach for the weekend. Just for a change of pace. To relax and even a time of reflection.
A retreat.
She thought it was a good idea. So did Mark's mum.
I think I shall.

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