Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rain Finally

I made a point of going to bed early last night.

Given the fact I was rather tired, it wasn't hard.
So, I was up early this morning. The Challah is mixed and rising even as I write this. In another hour, it shall be in the over and when David comes over, we will take it to Beth Messiah.
I do enjoy making the Challah. It does give me something to do. I am using of course a different recipe than I use for the family. And I do like try diffeent recipes. Next week, I shall make chocolate Challah. That should be good. I want to try an herb and garlic Challah one day.
When Mark gets home.
I know I will feel better when I here from Mark. It's been a few days since he wrote. Shabbat since he called.
I know he's in G-d's care.
I just need to hear his voice.

It is evening now.

Enjoying a cup of Mint tea and a movie. Soon I shall go to bed.

The rain has not let up. So I might not be making it to the beach this weekend.

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