Saturday, October 18, 2008

The One Who Watches Over Me

From Oct 23. 2007

The One Who Watches Over Me
Knowing that Yeshua watches over me and Mark stops me from worrying.
For I know that He is in control. I can rest in His arms, knowing that He cares for us.
I remember a prayer our rabbi uttered just before Mark left; "You brought them together in marriage. Keep them in Your care while they are apart and at the right time, bring them back together."
I hold onto those words.
I remember that G-d returned Mark to me from his first deployment.
I remember how G-d walked through Cancer and Wedding Drama. I remember how G-d kept us during those lean months before Mark recieved his orders back to Iraq and G-d with huge check, paid off all we owned.
I hold onto the fact that G-d did indeed bring us together and even now watches over both of us as we are half a world apart.
As He does all who trust in Him.

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