Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Time This Week

Mark told me this morning he should recieve his orders by the end of the week. My stomach hurts at the news. We have been so blessed with the time G-d has given us. But our fear that that time will not be much longer. August 2-3 will be here sooner than any of us think. I must start preparing for that day, when my beloved leaves for Fort Bragg and then for parts unknown.
I now know what bills are what. The household accounts become my job now. I'd gotten use to Mark doing it. I'd not looking forward to this.
Mark loves sto help me; whether it is the cleaning of the kitchen, doing the laundry, or the shopping. I will soon be doing these things without my beloved. And he made all of the above so much fun. Mark always knows how to bring a smile to my face; whether through one of his silly songs, jokes or just, stopping and stroking my cheek. It is hard to think of Mark being gone. Even now, just thinking about it brings tears. But I am also very proud of my guy. He, who has more reason than most not to go, to protest, to try to get out of it, he is willing to serve his country. As Mark himself says; he is a soldiar.
And that is the measure of the man I love.

G-d is Good
This morning, Mark read chapter six of the Magical's Nephew. I'd told him of my family's tradition of reading the Chroncles of Narnia every summer. Mark loved the idea and now we are reading the "Genesis" of Narnia. We are hoping to finish all seven before he leaves. We read a chapter or two both in the am and pm. Yesterday, we recieved a copy of the teaching from Ezekiel two weeks ago. We missed it due to our being gone to celebrate our two years of marriage. Rabbi Joe had made a copy of the class for us and we will listen to the lesson while traveling to Suffolk today.
I am looking forward to this day trip with my beloved. We love this Farm Fresh and willing to make the 20-30 minute ride. Plus I love the time I get to spend with Mark.
G-d is so good.
To be married to one is both my friend and my lover. Someone who I enjoy just sitting and drinking lemon-aide with. Someone who could find joy reading a book together, make cookies together. Someone, when it is time for rest, takes my hand and prays before we go to sleep. G-d is good to me; for He has given me such a wonderful husband.
He has blessed me with a faithful man; a man faithful to his wife, to his calling and to the nation he has swore to serve and protect.
Thank you, G-d, for Your amazing gift.

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