Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Letter From Mark

After morning prayers and my shower, I checked my e-mail.
There was a letter from Mark, the time 5:30 am. They flew out last night and are now in Iraq. My stomach is tight. I am not worried; just more aware of the warfare that surrounds us.
Mark has trained long and hard. His schooling and faith as prepared him for this. He is more than capable to handle the job before him.
Now the work begins.

I just hope he can call home soon.
I need to make a large pillow for my knees. I will be on them for a very long time.
I stopped by my former Church, KCP, (Kempsville Presb Church). I needed to share with my prayer buddy, Kathy the latest "Reel News." A former military wife herself as well as a prayer warrior, Kathy knows what I am going through and I am so blessed, not just for her friendship, but her support. She has placed the latest news on the prayer list and I know that Mark and I will be lifted up daily by our family @ KPC.
I also received a e-mail from two friends who are praying for us. We are so blessed to have people who stand with us, with our nation during this time.

No matter where we stand on the War, we must stand with our troops.

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