Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mark's Quilt

I had started Mark's quilt awhile back.
The pattern is set and the material gathered. And since I now have plenty of time, I can back to Mark's quilt. I can even use the new sewing machine my beloved brought me. I will need to send him a picture of me at Ziggy (that's the name of the sewing machine) Of course, I need to find a place for Ziggy.
Time for a sewing table as well.
One of the battles I fight is fact that people think I "need to keep busy." I do see where they are coming from.
But those who say that, don't realize that as a crafter, I always have something to do. And my work bears fruit. One can be busy and do nothing. I like to be "fruitful" see the fruit of my labors. And know that I have blessed others in the progress.

But that isn't the problem.

It is the lonely nights. It is missing Mark's voice, Mark's smile and his love songs. His playing with my hair and holding me as we pray that Imiss. Keeping busy doesn't make my huge bed less lonely.

That is the battle.

And how does a military spouse win this battle?

Not just 'keeping busy' but busy with a purpose.

Whether it is making cookies for the whole unit, working at the Food Bank or helping a neighor in need, it is getting out of yourself and serving others that is part of the key.

And remembering that you and G-d are what keeps your love one going.

This is what gets me out of bed at night.

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