Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Change

I awoke from my nap in a different mood.
I awoke praying.
That isn't unusual; I often wake up praying.
But this evening I awoke praying for Mark and his unit.
He didn't call today. I guess he is getting ready to fly out to Iraq. But waking up, I felt they were flying out even now.
This is the most important role I play right now; intercession for Mark and the men and women he serves with.
I am not frighten or worry.

Just sober. Just the knowing that the warfare will heat up. For both of us.
I felt G-d saying to me that I must take care of myself. Eat right. Start working out again. It wasn't just a good suggestion-but a commandment! And I know that I must obey the Voice I hear in my soul.

My husband, our parents need me to be my best in every area of my life.
After my evening shower, I shall pack my Y bag.

I start tomorrow

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