Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Good Wife/ A Good Husband

Rabbi Akiva said: 'He is wealthy who possesses a virtuous wife.' Sanhedrin 22a 2) 'Three things make a man cheerful: a good home, a good wife and enough good possessions.' Berachot 57b

While Mark agrees with this, he adds the following: "and what makes a good wife. A husband who truly loves his wife more than his own life."
To me, the making of a good husband/wife starts when one is single.
If you are not happy as a single person, you will bring that unhappniess into marriage and make your life together pure hell.
What makes a good husband/wife? One who is a mature, healthly beliver in the One True G-d and lives by His Torah. One who knows that marriage isn't about getting, but about giving.
One who, following the example of Yeshua, serves his/her spouse and indeed loves him/her more than his/her own life. It is the giving of your heart and body fully and in exchange, their heart and body fills you.
It is knowing that you can be half a world away and yet be together because you are in each other's heart.
That is what makes a good husband, a good wife. A G-dly woman.
A G-dly man.
G-d and His Word as the Center of thier lives.
Heaven on earth.

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