Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prayer Support

One of the blessings Mark and I have is in the number of prayer supporters.

People who daily pray for our marriage, our ministry, and during this time of Mark's deployment. People who not only pray for Mark and his unit, but for me as well.
If people truly realized the power of prayer, they would pray more often. Both Mark and I can tell many a tale of how G-d has answered our prayers. Some in the most amazing ways. Not always we may have hoped. But always for our good.
And we pray for each other. Still. When Mark was still home, we were developing the habit of praying together when we awoke, wash our hands and said The Shema, Hear O Israel, the Watch Word of our faith.

How I loved those times: when we would say the blessing for the washing of our hands. We would then wash each other's hands. Mark would take great care as he dried my: "how I love these hands," he would say, then would kiss them. We would then say the Shema together and after the morning meal, study Torah.

I would pray for Mark whenever he went to work, class or the doctor's. If I was becoming frustrated with a project, Mark would take my hands and would pray.

At night, after the evening blessing, just before we go to sleep, we would pray together. There is nothing like hearing one's husband praying for you.

Even now, when Mark calls, be it from Fort Bragg, Kuwait or soon from Iraq, we pray with each other and for each other.
Knowing our Father hears us.

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