Thursday, October 16, 2008

Isabel's Cake

I am very happy.

Isabel's cake came out fine. I know it means nothing to Isabel; it's her second birthday tomorrow and she's just happy to get cake. It is her mum, dad and guest that concerns me.
It is the first time I'd made a fruit-honey cake and after the second try (we won't discuss the first cake) it came our wonderful. This a cake I feel I can make and serve from now on. The good news; since it is not made of refine sugar, anyone can eat it.
I have written down the recipe for my own use. I already have ideas to improve the recipe. To sweeten the cake I used the fruits and spices Israel and Morocco. I call it a Sephardi Spice cake. I have come up with an idea for Sabbath. If I make this cake for Sabbath, I will add dates and raisins topping in with ansin seeds. I just pray everyone else likes the cake as well.
Mark had a full day of training. I was hoping to hear from him, but I guess he was really tired. I do try to understand he can't always call: that he is very busy or very tired. That he can't always get to a phone. I try not to whine about it.

But I can't help but be alittle sad when I don't hear from Mark.
There is an old saying:"Never take life for granted." I would add to that; "don't take your loved ones for granted. You never know when they shall leave your side." How many wives complain about the messes their husbands make, that he didn't take out the trash or leave their socks about. Not realizing that this army wife would love to have to see a mess made by her husband right now. How many wives complain about the toliet led being up and there is a woman who has just learned her husband has just been killed in Iraq and he will never leave the led up. Sometimes we don't know what we have...until it's gone.

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