Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Furture Home

Our Future Home
This is how I picture our home.
OK, not all of these exact colours; more earth and royal tones.
But this is the idea I have. I have longed for such a home since I was alittle girl.
When I went to Morocco many years ago, that which I thought a dream, was quite real. This is how so many Moroccan homes look. And this only fed my desire.
While there I learned to make and serve a good cup of tea, how to cook Moroccan and even in many even dress more in the Sepherdi fashion. Mark loves it and he too wishes to dress in the same matter. He says it is so comfortable and feels like "his true self." And our home is slowly getting there. Right now, I am looking for the right fabic for my pillows. I might have to go online to find it. I am also collecting pictures to add in my decorating. This will keep me busy while Mark is deployed
It is, however, a bit of a shock to family and friends. We often here: "I don't think I'm in America anymore." Our friends from the Middle East and Northern Africa, however feel quite at home and love it. I'm just glad when I told Mark my dreams, he didn't laugh at me; it turns out that he shares them. And works to make our dreams come true. There have been a few times I'd heard that Mark just goes along with me because he loves. And while it is true, it gives Mark great pleasure to please me, the persons who made the above remarks don't know Mark.
The rugs in our home, Mark brought while in Iraq. The one in the livingroom was brought by Mark at an auction and the runner a gift. Much of what is in our home Mark brought while in Iraq the first time. A love of MiddleEastern/North African decor, our Sepherdi culture is amoung the many things we share. I remember our spiritual brother Jezeel asking me one evening; "how does it feel to have someone who loves you so much that they make your dreams come true?" I said: "it makes me want to cry from the pure joy of it."
It reminds me of the way G-d loves us. He Who knows us so well and desires to give us that delights us.
I know that I make Mark sound perfect. He isn't. But he's perfect for me.
I am truly blessed.

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