Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Call

I spoke to Mark this afternoon.
His unit had been on a training mission the past few days. He was tired, dirty and in need of sleep, but he needed to hear my voice.
And knew I needed to know that he was ok.
He will call me tomorrow.
I am waiting for a full report. Knowing Mark, it is quite interesting. I reminded him he needed to write in the journal as well. He promise he would.
I loved his letter to me today.

I had written Mark a few days ago concerning a couple of the bills. But before he anwered my questions, Mark told me how much he loved me, how much he misses me and that I am always on his mind.
I am the same way. There is rarely a moment that Mark isn't in my thoughts.

But then, I dwell in the wonderful home we created together.
I miss him so very much. That wonderful face, those beautiful blue-green eyes and that awesome smile. The way he would touch my cheek, just the way he would look at me. I truly did marry my bestfriend; I truly found the one my soul loves. And to know that my beloved feels the same way about me; it is sooooo amazing. Soldier's Kiss
And that is what is like for believers in the One true G-d. Our longing for G-d. To feel His Presence, to know we will be with Him one Day, never to be aparted again.

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