Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Know What You Need

I love Sarah Smile
She knows just the right thing to say.
"Let's go shopping!"
So, this afternoon, Sarah and I will go and have an "intense shopping session" Shopping 2

I think Paul is worried. I promised Mark I will keep it down to only eight bags.
One morning when Mark was still home, I told him I wasn't getting out of the bed until he returned home.
He threaten to call my mum.
Then he suggested if I get too depressed, I could go shopping with Sarah.
I asked if I could get that in writing.

I do have to get something for a baby shower. I'd working on a blanket, but it won't be ready in time. But I am thinking diapers. Babies go through them like Mark through peanuts.
I am also baking a birthday cake this weekend for two year old Isabel. A sugarless cake. It seems that no bakery in Tidewater makes sugarless cake. I find that strange. So, Miriam asked if I would try. I will be making a sample cake this afternoon before Sarah comes over. Praying the adaptions I found work. I think it will. I may adaptions to my Challah recipe and everyone loves it. It is so much lighter, just sweet enough.
Anyway, much to do today, so I will get back to this later.
I also send a reminder to Mark to add a comment or two. After all, this is 'a Reel Thing"
Paul and Sarah have just left. The kitchen is now clean. Paul not only found the problem I was having with the WebCam, (I needed to turn up the volumn on my computer) but he also changed the light bulb. Both Sarah and Paul were very sweet; listerning to me go on and on about Mark. As Paul said the blessing for the meal, he included Mark and his unit.
It was fun getting out with Sarah. I found some things for the baby shower this Sabbath. And it hurt so much to buy tiny pink things for a little person that isn't yours. But I also know that it will be a blessing. I still long for the day Mark and I will have our own child(ren)
David didn't make it over today. So I have to go shopping in the morning for the cake fixings. I have several ideas for the birthday cake. I will have to work on it though tomorrow.
It is has been, all and all, a very good day and I am very tired. I did keep my word; I brought home less than eight bags.
6:30am comes very quickly.


bookncoffee said...

Shopping cures a lot of ailments.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love shopping and try to do a whole day of it at least once a year with my daughter. Presidents sale shopping at the outlet mall. Not only do we get to spend time together, but we usually find some good bargains too.

Missie said...

Shopping always makes me feel better! LOL