Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In This Together

In my last entry, I wrote about the the Refiner's Fire.
Melted gold or a piece of silver is held over the fire until the Jeweler can see His reflection. This is what G-d is doing with Mark and I.
We as a couple are indeed in the fire, being refined and when brought out and back together, we will reflect the Father's imagine. It will be interesting to see G-d's handy work when Mark returns home.
I don't know how people without Yeshua do this.

There is no way I could handle Mark being gone from my side 15 to 18 months without the strength that comes from Yeshua. I remember the first time Mark left on August 3nd; I cried so hard that I came myself a headache. It took several days for me to pull myself together. It was so hard.
And it still is.
Last night, I felt not only Mark's love, but G-d's as well. I can't exmaine it. Not even going to try. Just enjoying it. I guess because Mark's presence is in the home we created together. Mark said I am in his heart and he is in mine. G'd's Spirit dwells in this home. So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there will be times I will feel His Presence stronger at times.

But I am also His daughter. And as a good Father, G-d holds me during these times. Assuring me of His love for me.
Assuring me of Mark's love.
Mark will be in the field the next few days. Praying that no one gets sick or strung by the creepy, crawly things in the desert.

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