Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Good Afternoon

Oct. 16, 2007
Phone calls are few and far in between. Morale phones. One phone shared by the whole unit.
But I shalln't complain; at least I get to talk to him.
Sadly the WebCams do not work where he is.
Mark called this afternoon as promised. They will be going into the trip for the next two days and he me will call Friday afternoon when he returns to base.
It is so good to hear his voice. He is doing well. Just lonely.
Just as I.
I am keeping busy. this afternoon I am cleaning my desk, then the drawer of my nightstand. I also have to finish a Bat Mitzah gift and make one an upcoming shower. I have to finish the Wedding srcapebook, the stainglass window of our front door and of course there are the many projects I have in the study just awaiting my attention. I have my Torah and Hebrew studies and I plan to learn the Tanak by heart so that when I am called to the Torah again, I shalln't be ashamed.
It is the nights that are so hard. I have one of Mark's t-shirts on his pillow. It brings me much comfort. And it is at times like these, I not only feel Mark in my heart, but also Yeshua. He, knowing how I feel, holds me very close at these times.
Funny, I now somewhat know how Yeshua felt when He was separated from His Father for three and a half years while on earth.
That together in the spirit, yet apart in the flesh. The longing Yeshua must have while on earth for His Father. And how Yeshua longs for His Bride here on earth. And because of this, Yeshua knows better than anyone (other than another miliatry spouse) in history, knows how I feel and holds me close.

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