Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost Shabbat

Almost Sabbath
In about another four hours, it will be Sabbath.
I always love welcoming Sabbath. It is that quiet island of time when the world seems to stop for 24 hours and our bodies, souls and spirits are refreshed by our Creator.
Mark is finishing a few last minute chores and then we will slowly move into Ere Sabbath. Soon, I will light the candles and pour the wine, cover the Challah and put on my Sabbath clothes. I do plan to make Mark and I Sabbath robes; that way we even have the special clothing set aside for Sabbath, just as I have special china.
Today, preparing was different. As I prepare, I realize that soon, I will once again kindle the lights and pour the sweet wine alone. That Mark will keep Sabbath half a world away from all he knows. But then I remember; I am giving him the Sabbath candlesticks I used when I was single. The ones I set aside for our daughter (G-d willing). He will take these Sabbath candlesticks and kindle the lights in Iraq. And I pray others will join him.
I can't help but smile; we shall remain connected; through our love for each other. Through e-mail and the phone. Through prayer, Torah study and through the lighting of the Sabbath lights.
Shabbat; an island in time. A night for the love expressed between Man and His G-d.
Man and Wife.

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