Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleep Finally

From Oct 23, 2007:

I finally had a good night sleep. I'd been going to bed much too late, not sleeping and finding myself exhaled during the day.
But last night, I did make it to bed by 10:30. I was suppose to get up early and run errands, but found I just couldn't get out of bed. Finally, I'd gotten the sleep I have so needed. I had some interesting dreams that I will write about later.
But now, I have a quilt to work on.
Praying Mark will call today. It's been four days since I'd heard from him. But I know he is ok.
My Mark is in G-d's Hands. That means he is quite safe.

I dreamt that I was walking through a beautiful garden, the type you would find on a fine estate. I took the time to smell the roses and sample a few starwberries. Then I notice some garden tools next to a Herb Garden. So, I lower myself onto the ground and began to weed the Herb garden. Then, I notice other plants that needed to be cared for.

The Garden is both our home and my body. I must not allow either to go to seed, but mind it.

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