Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shalom Friends

I love the fact that people are beginning to stop by and read "Ain't Nothin Like the Reel Thing." That people are even leaving messages for both Mark and I. Some folks who are family than friends.

And it is soooo cool to meet new people that quickly become friends.
One cannot have too many friends.
To all who stop by; whether you leave a message no; thank you for stopping and hurry back now, ya hear

Comment from Pau and Sarah: 10/28/07 8:56 PM
Mark,We miss your smiling face around here. Miayer misses his human perch! Is there anything you would like us to add to Laini's care package for you?Laini and I had a GREAT time shopping. We were really good and only had a few bags each. Hopefully she and I will get out again soon for some more therapy. :)Not to make your mouth water, but Laini fed us some of her awesome hummus. It is the most delicious hummus I've ever tasted. It beats any restaurant stuff. We adore her cookingl You are most blessed!Love in Christ,Sarah (& Paul

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