Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Quiet Waking

I awoke this morning, just before sunrsie.
I said the morning blessings, showered, took my meds with ornage-pineapple juice and had a quiet moment before the day started.
A good start.
I have an appointment with Dr.T in a few hours. After finishing the laundry, I tripped over the rug in the laundrymat. I caught myself before I fell, but my left leg is now hurts a little. Dr. T told me to keep some heat and ice on the injuried site for the next few days.

Sleep Finally PJs
I just recieved a call concerning our arts and crafts fair next month. It will be in a few weeks. I am thinking of holiday treats; cookies, bread, cakes. Make samples and be ready to take orders for holiday baking. Something to keep me busy. And it is fun. I enjoyed the fair last year and looking forward to doing it again.
I'm thinking of making rag dolls too. I think they would sell well.
I was praying for Mark and his unit this morning. For the men and women who have left their homes to serve and protect our nation. And the husbands and wives who have keep home and hearth going. For mums for have to be both mum and dad, juggling bills, house, kids and still mange to send off homemade cookies. Husbands who know how to braid hair, tell bedtime stories and can make the best peanut and jelly sandwich around and will not go to bed before shooting off his nightly e-mail to his wife. Mums and dads, sisters and brothers who gather Thanksgivng, not around the turkey and pumpkin oie, but the WebCam to see their child and sibling. Grandparnets who weep at the grave of their 19 year grandchild who paid the highest price.
I prayed for us all. G-d watch over each and every one of us.

I now know that the main role of a military spouse is that of prayer.

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