Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a Soldier Thing

A Prayer for the Soldiers of IsraelPoster showing a group of Jewish soldiers praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem. Above the soldiers is the prayer said for the welfare and safety of soldiers serving in the IDF. A translation of the prayer follows: He who blessed our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, may He bless the soldiers of Israel who stand guard on our country and the cities of our Gd. From Lebanon until the deserts of Egypt, from the Mediterranean Sea until the Plains of Jordan - on dry land, in the air and sea. May Gd afflict the enemies that rise against them before them. The Holy One, Blessed is He, should protect and save our soldiers from any misfortune or calamity, and from any sickenss or disease. May he send blessing and success in all their handiwork, destroy their enemies below them, and crown them with the crown of redemption and the crown of victory. And the verse "For Gd walks among you, to wage war for you with your enemies, to save you" should be fulfilled, and let us say, Amen.

A Minyan (Prayer Quorum) of Israeli soldiers reading from a Torah Scroll in a forest. The scroll is on a board which is covered by a Tallit (Prayer Shawl), all on a barrel. Written at the bottom in Hebrew and English "One People....One Faith!".

A Soldier waving the The Four Species. ( see

I chose these pictures (taken during Sukkat a few years ago. because we as Jews, also fight for the survival of our land and our people. There are those who would love nothing more than to wipe Isreal and her people off the face of the earth. They forget that that the G-d of Isreal "either sleeps or slumbers" ever has His eye on His Beloved. We were chosen by G-d, not because we were the greatest nation, because we were so good or smart. But because of a promise that He made to one man-our father Abraham. And if He has kept that promise to Abraham all of these centuries, surely He will keep His promises to you and I.

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