Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Call From Iraq

From Oct 27, 2007:

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb discussing what the will have for lunch. Liberty is one well armed lamb contesting the vote." Benjemin Franklin

A Call From Mark
Finally! A call from Mark.
I was a letter to Mark yesterday, sending him a poem I'd just read, when the phone rang. Because of tela-marketers, I check the caller-ID. The phome number was U.S.Government, so I figured it concerned Mark.
It was Mark!
Oh how good was to hear his voice. I began to cry and the headache I had all day began to fade.
We only had 30 minutes for, I had to get my questions in quick. But as Mark is quick to say: "The most important things first-I love you!" And the call was full of those awesome words. We never realize how precious little things are like e-mail and 30 minutes phone call unti that's all you have.
Soon, Mark will have his WebCam up and I will get to see his face. And I need to see his face. The pictures around the house is fine. But I need to see his sweet face. And he needs to see mine. Love must be seem as well as heard.
To love and know that you are loved is the greatest feeling in the world. Even when your loved one is a half a world away

We so often take love ones for granted.

We shouldn't.
I often hear wives complain about the mess their husband has left in the kitchen.
Oh what I would have for my to make a mess in my kitchen.
Wives who complain about husbands who snore. That would be music to my ears
. I think of all of the silly things I use to fuss about and wish I could exchange all of that foolishness waste of moments and hold my Mark very close.
I would hold him amd never let him go. Soldier's Kiss

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