Monday, November 3, 2008

Turkey and A Princess Pillow

Monday, December 24, 200710:25:00 PM EST
Feeling: Happy

Tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing mum and dad Reel.

Right now Tom Turkey is doing his thing; the air already beings filled with that wonderful scent only a roast turkey can give. The collard greens are done and I am about to make the RoseMary, Sage and Onion stuffing. I am looking forward to seeing the family.
Since Mark and I do not celebrate Christmas, but have family who do, we decided our first year of marriage to visit the family on the day before and the day after, but on 25th, this would be a quiet, P.J.s, popcorn, hot-chocolate, movie day.
But since Mark isn't here, we talked about this and felt I did need to visit the family tomorrow. They needed to see me as much as I needed their support. And through me, everyone feels closer to Mark.
Once I finish the stuffing, I need to finish Lizzie's Princess Pillow. I hope she likes it.
So, to all of our readers, Mark and I wish everyone a very happy holiday season. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

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