Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mummie's Birthday

From Feb.25, 2008:
Well, I finally got to take Mummie out for her birthday.
Anne, a good friend to both of us also came along. We went to Azar's, one of Mark's and mine eating spots. Great Middle Eastern food and easy for Mummie to move about with her cane.
It was just a joy to treat not just Mummie, but Ann too.
Ann has been a blessing to both of us and this was Mark and my way of thanking her.
For her birthday, I gave Mummie Olive Oil shower gel and lotion. Very good for the skin as well as helping to rest at night.
I know: I use it myself.
It was a cold, nippy day, so we ordered Chai-Lattes. Mummie never had one and we all enjoyed the hot liqurd. It looked like snow, but none fell and for that I was grateful.
I don't like snow.
Later, Mark called and we talked for a while. Work is going well. They are tying up some loose ends since there is a chance coming in several weeks. He said he would try to write some in the journal. That's if the lines are up and running.
One can never tell in Iraq.
Nap time. Then, a movie.


natalie said...

Dear Laini,
what a sweet post!
I love it!
you are very sweet to Mummy and
she seems to love you right back!

natalie said...

very nice! sounds lieka gerat birthday!