Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rainy Sunday

From: Sunday, December 30, 20073:09:00 PM EST
It has been a nice, quiet afternoon and I am about to take a nap.

Hopefully it will have stopped raining when I get up.
The chores of the day have been done; mopping of the kitchen floor, changing and airing out of the bed, cleaning the bathroom. I have some stew already made in the freezer. Just need to pull it out for supper later on.
The baby blanket is coming along nicely. It should be finished in a few days and post a picture of it soon. I like to keep a record of the things I make. To see finish projects always boost my spirits.
I spoke to Mark this morning. He still has that yucky cough from the cold he'd had. But he is doing much better. He said he recieved another of my boxes, which means he has most of the Care Packages I'd send. There is one more coming and that's the one with the homemade cookies.

His days are busy ones. This weekend he had an inspection and from what he tells me, all went. There are still problems with the computers, but he is hopeful that the unit will have internet usage back in their rooms very soon. Mark sends his love and thanks everyone for their prayers.
Well, it's nap time.

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