Monday, November 3, 2008

A Quiet Monday Evening

Monday, December 24, 20077:17:00 PM EST
Feeling: Quiet

I miss Mark so much.

We brought Web Cam and found we can't get a strong enough signal to use them. How I wish I could see my beloved's face as well as hear his voice. It has been two months since I'd last looked into those beautiful blue-green eyes.
Two months since I felt the warmth of that sweet smile.
I remember our nights together. How in deep sleep, he would cuddle up to me, his head resting on my shoulder. I would glasze upon his sleeping face. How I would love to just stare at sweet, gentle face.
Other times, I would have my head on his chest, his heartbeat filling my head. That heartbeat is music to my ears. I remember when he left, for weeks I couldn't sleep, for I didn't have his chest to rest upon.It is these precious moments I miss so much. Everyone says the time will fly by. But for me, it is more like a slow crawl.

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