Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Days. Fulfilled Days

Friday, December 21, 200712:15:00 AM EST
Feeling: Quiet
The day was a busy one; laundry, shopping for Challah class and salad fixings and of course, mailing a Care Package to Mark.

He has recieved two of my boxes; one last week, one this week. If all goes week, the last two that were mailed last week will arrive in the next three or four days. Mark's brother, Todd and his family mailed Care Packages also. The gifts come from our nephew's Boy Scout troop and Todd's job. The Carepackages have enough for Mark to share with those whom he serves with.
It is still difficult for Mark at times to get online. But soon, the unit will have their internet use back and that will solve the problem. I didn't speak to Mark yesterday and miss hearing his voice. But I shall not complain; I am thankful for the times he is able to call. I praise G-d all remain well.
I have to go and get boxes in the morning. I didn't realize that I was out. I also need to make cookies for the two ladies that do our laundry. They are so sweet and have been part of my support system.
Tomorrow afternoon, I will finish my notes for the class I am teaching this Sunday. I need to copy the blessings so all will have them. I am looking forward to what G-d is going to do this weekend.
My days are busy. But they are filled with purpose and meaning.

May G-d Bless the Work of my hands.

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