Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Arms That Grid Me

From Feb 21. 2008:
While I am Mark's support here, and thankful for the prayers that go up on his behalf, I am also thankful for the prayers and support I recieve here at home.
Now, to be honest, there isn't a lot.
Rabbi Joe calls to see how I am doing. One of my closest friend's and Sister Rudy, calls every week to check up on me. Rudy has a husband, a full-time job and four of her six children still living at home and yet she still finds the time to see how I am doing.
Our Mums. They are the greatest. They call often to not only see how I am doing, but to allow me to vent frustations, cry when I am sad, yell when I am mad and give me that needful laugh and encouragement.
For several weeks I could not figure out what was happening to my trash. I would pit it out and later find it gone.
It turns out the guy upstairs would stop on his way out and pick it up for me. Since everyone in the building knows Mark is away, all of my neighors keep an eye out for me. They stop at my door to see if I need anything, make sure the apartment is secure, etc.
And then there is Joe and Sabrina. This lovely couples makes sure I get to the Shabbath services and Torah study during the week. They also call to see how I am doing. And then, there is my Starbucks buddies, Debbie and Sturat who I meet with once a month for coffee. Debbie also calls to pray with me and soon, she and her huband will be moving to my neighorhood, so I will see them more.
And how do I forget my shopping buddy, Sarah. Sarah and Paul who supported Mark on his first two deployments, upheld Mark and I when Mark went through Cancer treatment, were part of our wedding and here we go again with another deployment. I remember just after Mark left, we had an intense lighting storm. Sarah called me in the middle of it just to see how I was ok.
I was hiding under the bed.
Many people ask how Mark is doing, tell me how great I look, but have no idea how I am truly feeling.
Or care.
I thank G-d for the few that do.

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