Monday, November 3, 2008

The Blessing of Coffee

Sunday, December 23, 20078:21:00 AM EST
Feeling: Frustrated

I was packing my bag for this day's when I realize that on one of the sheets I'd prepared has only half the blessing.
So, I had to stop what I was doing and rewrite the blessing and make new copies.

So, I made a pot of coffee and got to work. Soon, my nevers calmed down and my focus was once again upon the work of my hands. G-d has given a chance to share a gift He and given to me and I will do everything I can to make sure that as I share this gift of the Challah with beauty and grace. And with a good, loving spirit.
I thank G-d for the gift of His Presence and Chocolate Truffle coffee.

It is now going on 10 am.
The person that is suppose to take me to Beth Messiah for the class isn't here.
And it doesn't look like she is going to show up.
Plan B; I have to call a cab.
This is the second time this has happen with this person and it will not happen again.
So, if I go to call a cab and the Synagugoe to let everyone know I am going to be late....

I am so very tired. But I am also very excited.
The class was a small one, but very good and we had a great time. While I was concern because the oneg room was very hot, the Challah did rise and it came out great. We made two types: a honey Challah and a chocolate chip. We were having an memoiral service for one of our memebers, so we had to share the room with the team that was preparing for a meal after the service.

And it did work out well, though I kept feeling I was in the way. I did have this class planned weeks ahead and hated the idea of canceling. I had offered to do so, but Rabbi said no.
So we had to all work together. But I did have the kitchen area cleaned up by the time Tammy and her group came in to set us and we were also able to help Tammy with some of her setup as well.
We as a class decided to give the Challah for the family's meal. I hope that it blesses all.
The folks in my class blessed me with their williness to learn and try something new. To share the making and eating of Challah. Of the knowing that those in the class will make it for their families and so the blessing will go on and on.
I give glory to G-d for the blessing of the Challah. The mistakes are my alone.

I would later learn that the Challah was wiped out within minutes, that chocolate was Kathy's favorite and the chocolate chip Challah was the perfect touch to the meal. And that her family was truly blessed.

I have to make it an early night.
Once I take the Turkey out of the freezer.
After all, I am bring the bird Tuesday.
I miss not speaking to Mark. I missed his call Sabbath and he didn't today. So I am hoping for tomorrow. I really need to speak to him. Tricare is being a pain in the rear and I really need help cutting through the mess.
I wish we're settled this before he was deployed. It turns out I am being send to the Clinic on base. The problem. My personal doctor is only ten minutes away from me.

The clinic is a two hour bus ride. I need to get permission to go back to my doctor.
I am thankful for today's class. It got me out of myself and enable to share with others.

And that is a good thing.

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