Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Nice Surprise

From Feb. 15th, 2008
Today is Mummie's birthday and we are so thrilled that she is still here with us.
Almost nine years ago, Mummie had a massive stroke and wasn't expected to live.
I insisted upon bringing her home and caring for her myself. Several months later, she was doing so well that we were able to find a nice Assistance Care Home for her.
Since then, she has seen all three of her great-grandsons (hasn't seen her great-granddaughter yet) meet Mark and see us get married and rejoice over my sister getting married as well.
Such a busy lady! She is now living at Hope Haven, wonderful Assistance Care Home and enjoys it greatly. So, I will get a chance to take my mum out for lunch; next week. This week is booked.
But what thrilled her was when Mark called from Iraq.
Mark and my mum have such a wonderful relationship. He has called her Mummie since we began courting and she has loved him as a son since the first day they met. In fact, it was my mum who told me Mark loved me.
Mummie knows best.

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