Sunday, November 9, 2008


Friday, December 28, 20079:02:00 AM EST

Feeling: Happy
Hearing: Fox and Friends

I slept in late.

I was in bed by 8:30 late night and up around 8 a.m. So that was a good sleep. And while I am still sleepy, I will make the Challah and then take a long nap.
I am behind my time, I know, but I really needed the sleep. I have to take care of myself: for me, for my beloved who is courting on me. For my Heavenly Father.
I am going to look into a new blood pressure cuff. I will take my workouts more seriously. The past few days I have taken a hard look at somethings that truly have to go.

Including several so-called friends who have been draining my energy.
So why am I making these changes make this public?
It makes me accountable, keeping a running record of what I am doing. And knowing others are aware and praying for me, this will be keep me honest.
So, now it its time to make the Challah. And while it is baking, I will work on the baby blanket for Beth's new grandson.
One of the stress levels in my life have now been removed.

There is a saying I like and agree with; People are brought into your life for a reason, a season or for a life time.
A friendship has been cut loose. Someone who drained me of time and energy and resources. I wish this person and her family the best. But it is time to let this person go and allow G-d do what needs to be done.
It was needful. And franky I feel better for having done so.

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