Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sabbath Supper

Wednesday, January 2, 200811:20:00 AM EST

Feeling: Happy
Sabbath Supper
I'd decided on lentil-lamb stew for Sabbath.
This means I have to take the lamb out of the freezer, defrost and since it has already been Kosher, place it in my Greek -Moroccan marinade for a few hours. The marinade? It is a Greek salad dressing I'd learn to make, but I add Moroccan spices for my own personal touch.
I will also place fresh candles in the menorahs. This is a bitter-sweet chore for me. Mark was the one to freshen the candles for Sabbath. He liked to help me get ready for Sabbath. He also made the preparations fun.
But I can't help but smile.

For though he is in Iraq, Mark still kindle the lights (I send him to Iraq with small candle holders, mailed a huge box of candles and grape juice) bless the fruit of the vine and Challah some dear lady send him. We still celebrate Sabbath. It's just more precious to us now.
Shabbath is going to even a sweeter time when he returns home.

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