Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Year's Eve

Monday, December 31, 2007
8:49:00 AM EST Feeling: Sad
Watching: Fox and Friends

It is New Year's Eve.
I will drop off the rent, do some window shopping and pick up salad fixings, wine, hard crust bread and some cheese.

I will work on a baby blanket, hoepfully finish it and then work on Mark's quilt.
Twight Zone will run for the next twenty-four hours and I will watch that this evening.
For many years, every New Year's Eve I would read the book of Ecclesiastes.

On New Year's Day, the Book of Proverbs. But the past few years, I must confess, I have not. Since we were married, Mark and I have brought in the New Year together; our own special New Year's celebration: a glass of wine and some cheese, dancing to some music and then cuddling the New Year in. Mark said he wanted my face he would see at the end of the old year and the first he saw at the New Year.
But this year, Mark is in Iraq and I am here.
This year, I will lift up my wine glass to my busband's picture. And then get back to his quilt.

2:28:00 PM EST Feeling: Sad
Mark called just as it turned 12 am in Iraq. So, we brought the New Year together.

The cough still hanging on. He did recieve a letter from one of our g-dparnets. So he's in good spirits. But he is very tired from work. Seems there was some paperwork mix ups that he had to straighten out.
It has been two months since I'd seem my big guy.

We brought WebCams just before Mark left, but now because the signal in Iraq is weak, we can't use them.

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