Monday, November 3, 2008

Challah Day

Saturday, December 22, 200710:59:00 PM EST
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Tomorrow is the Challah making class. But it is more than "making Challah".

It is a reflection on a most Holy work. One of the beauties of the devoted life is the awarness that G-d isn't some distrance Being way out there, but in every part of our lives. And that everything we do; baking, cleaning, changing a baby's diaper, protecting and defending the innocent, even that sweetness of moments between a man and his wife is a Holy act, that G-d is not only interested in, but part of our lives.
He is in the Center of it.
He sees, He knows. And when we perform our given task with love and as a act of worship unto Him, He blesses.
I remember the story of Noah buidling the Ark.
Noah did exactly what G-d commanded him to do. He didn't short cut on the task, use second rate materials, but builded the Ark just as G-d commanded. It was for him a holy work.
And Challah, of the joys of a jewish woman (though men can make Challah too) is indeed a holy work, a devotion.
I pray that He blesses the class tomorrow.

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