Sunday, November 9, 2008

Coke and Popcorn

Saturday, December 29, 20075:37:00 PM EST
Feeling: Happy
It's been a quiet day.

I spend it watching DVDs. One (Miss Potter) kept skipping, so I had to wait until after Sabbath to take it back and I will in a few minutes.
I was looking forward to watching this movie, so I am disappointed. Hopefully the Naro (where I rent my movies) will have another copy.
Normally, I'm at the Temple for Sabbath. But since I am on bed rest, (doctor's orders) I read some and then watched some movies.

Funny how just losing oneself in a story can help calm your spirit. It actually improved my health. So today was a mental health day. I will so the same tomorrow. Next week, however, I will go back to not watch TV on the Sabbath. It just something we don't do. By tuning out the world for 24 hours once a week, truly is a piece of heaven on earth.
But today, was truly a day of rest, resting on the sofa and watching favorite mades the day truly a day of rest.
Tomorrow, I will see if the Naro has Beauty and The Beast.

My favorite Fairy Tale.

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