Sunday, November 9, 2008

Captain Perfect?

From: Thursday,
December 27, 2007 12:48:00 AM EST

I know that the way I write about Mark, one would think he is perfect.
Well, he is; for me.
Yes, Mark has his faults. All of us do. But you wouldn't hear about them coming from me. I believe that spouses are to encourage their mates; build them up and not tear them down.
I often tell Mark that he does more things right than wrong. Which is true.
Our job as spouses, parents, friends, siblings, is to see and encourage the good we see in our loved ones. It doesn't mean turning a blind eye to what is wrong, making excusing or explaining away wrong behaviour.
But by speaking words of encouragement, our loved ones will see words of correction, not as we are picking on them, but helping.
How often as Mark, my Hebrew teacher worked me with my lessions, I would become frustrated with my mistakes.
But Mark never did. He would lovingly correct me when wrong and cheer me on when right. Sometimes I would become so frustrated and feel like Mark was picking on me. I had to realize that he would never do that. He was looking out for my good. And now, I am not so quick to get upset with my mistakes; knowing I have my Mark behind me.
Mark too has said to me that he knows when I speak on a matter of concern, I am looking out for his good, not meaning to hurt him.
And that is one of the secrets of a good marriage. The protecting of each other's feelings, emotions, each other's soul, as well as each bodies.
And for my Beloved the next time he can get on the journal; I Love You Soldier's Kiss

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