Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Deployment: Make it Work

With each deployment, I learned new things.
One of the things I learned for us, deployment is a lifestyle. Mark is a Civil Affairs officer and his skills are still very much needed. So, until he retires, this is our life.
Yes, I missed my husband; my beloved, my lover, my bestfriend, my playmate.
But the distrance just made me realise how much I loved him and how Mark loves me.
With each deployment, I learned where my strenghts and weakness were.I put to use skills and talents I allow to lay dormate, such as sewing.
I had started a quilt for Mark, but with the wedding, honeymoon and then moving into our first apartment, the quilt got push to the back burner.
So with the 2007-2008 deploymnet, I began working once again on Mark's quilt.
I also began to ask to decorate our Fellowship room for special events our former Temple would have. Not only did this take me out of myself, but it was something that brought joy to others. I found skills I didn't know I had, such as making small repairs around the house. I began taking long walks again, keeping my health up, knowing if I didn't Mark would worry.
I kept our lives going as much as possiable. Mark needed to know that the home fires were still burning, that I still needed him, but until he returned to my side, I was strong enough to stand.
During the 2009-2010 deployment, I found a new hobbey, photography. While I have always loved to take pictures, while Mark served overseas, I horned in my skills. And who knows, I might even be able to learn a little money with my cameria.
So I had something new to share with Mark whenever he called. I would tell him about the pictures I had taken during the day; our neighourhood, the dogs playing in the Dog Park, some of the places of worship in our city. He would in turn send me pictures of where he served, giving me a glimpce of his world.
From time to time, I would meet one of his fellow soldier via the phone. They spoke with such respect of my Beloved, I could here the pride they had in serving under Mark, working with him. They told funny stories, such as two of the soldiers actually cleaning his desk and threatening his if he messed up again. I asked their secret since he still doesn't keep his desk straight. I grew to have more appreaction for Mark as I saw him through others eyes.
It is a wise family that learns deployment to make them better people, to grow and to learn from it.
I learned who my friends really were. I even made new friends. 
I took hold of deployment and made it work for me.
And you can too. 

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