Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to The Real World

SkyTop Lodge. A magical, winter wonderland, filled with adventure and a hint of romance. From ice skating to dog sledding, to swimming in the inside pool to  just sitting before a roaring fire with friends, there is so much you can do.
Or just enjoy an evening cuddling in your cabin.

Even ice fishing.
So after our weekend with Strong Bonds, it is now it is time for the Reel family to return to the real world.
I wish we had more time to just enjoy SkyTop Lodge. There is so much to do here. So much ground to cover. I am just thankful for the two times we have been able to come.
The tools we took away have been most helpful. Simple yes, but it made solving disagreements and issues that have and will arrive in marriage.
We learned the importance of timing. Sometimes this is not the best time to talk, so we have to agree to a time, when calm to discuss and resolve the matter.
For me, this means going away to pray or write in my journal, my feelings, so I am not coming to our meeting still angry or reacting. And it gives Mark that same space.
But both husband and wife have to agree to this, otherwise, it is not going to work.
It's funny, but we are three weeks to the day out, and we are still taking about the things we have learned.
And I find I really like my husband. Not just love him, but like him. Mark is a fun guy. He has a great sense of humour, loves to just clown around. I love to listen to him read out loud or hear him play. How his eyes flash when he plays with a baby or a dog. I love his laugh and how he strokes my cheek.
And the tripping over his boots. I laugh, because it means he is home.
The magical winter wonderful has faded into a lovely memory.
But my real world is just as magical.

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