Monday, January 23, 2012

Army Strong

Ah love. The beauty of a married builded on love, respect, faithfulness, trust and yes, even passion. A happyily married couple is a pleasure to be around. A man or woman who has a joyful marriage, is a good employee/boss. A good marriage even leads to a longer, healther life.
The miliarty now understands that the family is the backbone of the armed services and have for several years help to devolpe programs to strenght both miliarty families.
Separation is never easy, but there are now more resources to assisted the serviceperson and their families.
I remember a few years ago, one of Mark's former CO's once  told him, "one day, all of this (the army) will go away. What will remain is your marriage."
How true. One day, Mark will retired from the service. Our life together will continue.
It reminds me of raising children. One day, our children will grow up and begin lives of their own. What remains is the marriage. And if the couple was wise enough to put and keep thier relationship first and formost, the second half of their life together will be even more amazing.
This doesn't mean there won't be difficultes, rough patches and those storms that with test the marriage. But a couple united in love and committment wll weather through and find their marriage even stronger.
I know. Last year, Mark and I saw ours tested through his depression. The stression, the fights, the loud silence. But I made a promise almost seven years ago, I bond my life with this man and I would leave him when he needed me the most.
But Mark also wanted to heal and together we sailed through that dark storm and came out the stronger.
Mark has come up several little songs she has made up about me, but there is one that sums up this post:
"I'm a happy soldier, I'm a contented soldier...
'cause I have the best wife, she is the perfect wive..."
And to the miliarty's credit, the service now knows that happy, content spouses who know their loved ones are taken care of back home, makes for strong army.

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