Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Army Dog

Yesterday, after I finished some medical test, Mark said he had been thinking about getting me a puppy. Yes, there is no job right now, no money. And yet he thought this was the time to get a puppy.
But a funny thing happen on the way to the SPCA.
During the holidays, we dog sat for some friends. After returning home and finding that we had bonded with the little guy, the family offered us the dog. They already have another small dog and felt both were not getting the attention they truly needed.
So that's is how Montague Theodore Reel, Yorkshire-Papillon came to live with us.
Montague is about 13 years old, though he niether looks or act like it. A smart, sharp little guy with a will of his own.  And he is a lapdog. He loves to jump into folks laps and be cuddled. He has been with us three weeks now and is adored by everyone he meets.
Except PitBulls. For some reason, Monte and Pits do not like each other. And while for the most part, he does play well with other big dogs, he does think he can take on any big dog.
But then, Monte thinks he is a big dog.
The biggest miracle is Mark. Not that he and Monte get along. We both love dogs. But Mark believes that a dog is a dog and a human is a human. He doesn't believe dogs should be fed from the table, sleep on beds, sit of the sofa or wear clothes.
But in the past three weeks Monte has lived with us, this has all changed. Gues who feeds Monte from the table, lets sit with him on the sofa and makes sure he has on his sweather before he goes out?
So now we are the parnets of a furry creature named Montague. And during this time of trials, he has brought so much joy and laugher to our home, chasing away the blues and giving us another reason to get up in the morning.
It does cause me to wonder if there is another deployment in our future. It was one of the reasons Mark wanted me to have a dog. So I wouldn't be alone and have something else to focus on.
Not a bad idea.

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