Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life Happens While You Wait

I just finished speaking to Mark.
It was a brief call; he was on his way to the Range.
He's going out into the field in a few days. So there will be a few weeks that I won't recieve phone calls or e-mail.
Yesterday, Mark met with the son of a Village elder. The local school needs a new wall. So Mark will secure what is needed to get the job done.

Here, parnets have the chose of Public School, Private School or Home School. In some homes it is a battle to get the child to understand the imporatnce of getting and having an education.
In Afghanistan, the children are thankful to have a school. They thank allah for the kind Amercians that send notebooks, pencils and crayons.
It is now cold in Afghanistan and like many military wives, I will include a set of Flannal bedclothes for added warmth in the box that I will mail later in the week. I will rub some of my personal body oil, the scent of roses, jasmine and myrrh that Mark loves. He shall lay on those sheets and smile; inhaling my scent.
We military wives do a lot of waiting.
We wait for letters, both snail-mail and e-mail.
We wait for the phone to ring.
We wait for that message that imforms when the plane is due, what gate to meet our beloved at.
And while we wait, we pray for their safely, for the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan.
We pray for our President, that G-d will guide him to make wise descisions for the good of the nation he services.
We take care of our homes, families, work outside the home and/ devople hobbies. We bake, crochet and take up kick boxing.
We laugh, we cry, we blog.
While we wait.
It is time for me to turn off the lights, save the one I read Scripture by, say my prayers and then sleep.
I have alreay spoken to my beloved.
Tomorrow begins a new day of waiting.


Lisa said...

I have been trying to comment & email you but everytime it is returned to me as undeliverable. Grrrr. I miss commenting & talking to you! I hope this one goes through.

Lori said...
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Lori said...

I'm glad you got to speak to Mark today. What a great thing he is
helping to do -- build a school, and one that will be appreciated too.
I do not envy military wives, but I have a lot of admiration for you!
Please take care!