Thursday, October 22, 2009

Roses and Roachs: Which?

It is now early morning in Afganistan.
Mark is getting, saying his morning prayers and getting to call me.
In the meantime, I am about to shower, have a hot drink and settle in for the evening waiting for his call before I say my prayers, read scripture and go to bed.
He hears my voice before he goes to work.
I hear his voice before I go to sleep.
It is part of military life.
I have heard it same that the Military has destroyed marriages. I don't believe that is so. Like any career, it is a part of your life and it is the couple that for the most part controls how much powere their career(s) has in their marriage.
Yes, or both can be so driven in their careers that they forget to wom they are truly committed to. This is true of men and women who are doctors, nurses, lawyers, rabbis, pastors, businesspersons, rockstars, etc.
The military, like anything else, shines sunlight into your lives, showing up the cracks, revealing the true nature. Roachs run from the light. Roses look ups.
The question; which are you?
The Military. That is your job, what you do to put bread to the table and shoes on the baby. But isn't your life. Your life is the person you chose as your life mate, the one you believe G-d gave you to have and to hold, honour, cherish and love. Your life is family, friends, faith.
It is true, we cannot control when and where Mark is deployed or for how long.
But either the President of the Untied States or Uncle Sam is the Head of our Home.
G-d is.
And as long as He remains our center, as long as we are commited to each other and our marriage, the love is there and nothing, not even the U.S.Mililary has the power to destroy our marriage.
It just give us more creative ways to grow more and more in love and to keep the passion growing.
And going.


Marty said...

Hi Laini,
I hope your advice helps other military spouses ... it sounds very smart.

Mark and Elayne said...

Thanks Marty, it actually has. While I do understand why most don't post here, the feedback I have recieved it that is does help. Its always nice to know your not alone. Laini