Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Second Report

Mark's second report.
Not as long.
He has been given the go-ahead and the funds he needs to get started. Now the real work begins.
Having just finished The Kite Runner, I know the need of good, clean water and health care that is needed. It is the most basic of needs.
We who can run water from a tap or drink water from a plastic bottle, looking more like infants in the doing, take for granted that refreshing, life-giving fluid. Not just for the cleaning of body and clothes, but to keep man and beast alive.
I think of how I could catch a cab to the doctor's when I had the flu, go to the drugstore to get the medication needed. And wherer Mark is, there are people who don't have a Clinic to walk to.
I think of the Turkey soup I made this evening. Had some for supper, the rest frozen for several more meals.
The same pot of soup could feed a Afghanistan family that has little or nothing to eat tonight.
Sometimes, I wonder if we really realize how blessed we truly are.

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seeking the truth said...

your last sentence sums it up so well, Laini; we truly are blessed, we just don't see it sometimes. I heard that us here in the United States, no matter how hard we might have it, are still better than the majority of people in other countries. that is soooo sad

thanks for the report on Mark and his work