Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mark's First Report

For all who are reading this:
First, thank you. I know whether you post or not, you are praying for my Mark. As well as the other men and women of our armed forces.
It is not easy being away from your family, letting your loved one go. None of us wanted this war, and we don't glory in it. It is our military and their ones who pray the hardest for peace; for we know how dear the cost of war really is.
I spoke to Mark last evening. We are so blessed to have this time, though it is 30 minutes. I stay up for that call. He calls just as he day begins.
He is pretty much over the flu and now out in the field.
For those who don't know, Mark is a Civil Affairs officer. His job is not only to serve, defend and protect, but he also works with the locals to rebuild their country. Mark is very much a Nehmiah: he has blueprints in one hand and his weapon in the other. He is the bridge between the local leaders and the army. Mark is part of the 'winning heart's mission of the army. Winning the War, one heart at a time.
From time to time (like last night) I wonder is what we are doing makes a difference. And after speaking to Mark, the answer is still: yes.
Right now, Mark is working with a few of the villiages to get them a fresh water supply. Also, he will be working with a clinic to get it back up and running to meet the locals medical needs.
This is the thing Mark loves doing: for by helping the people learn to depend not on the Taliban or even us, but themselves. This is one of the things that will break the hold of the Taliban.
True, not everyone wants us there or is grateful for all we do. But many are.
Like Greg Mortenson (his story is told in Three Cups of Tea) Mark's mission to promote school (he started two schools in Iraq) one football, one Water Well, one Clinic at a time.
So when you take a sip of water, thank G-d for that preious gift. And pray for Mark as he bring fresh water to thristy folk.
The Captain's Lady


Deborah Newell said...

Thank you so much for those words. We are so proud to have him in-country working with the people of the country on our hearts. He will grow to love them as he never ever expected. It only took me five minutes of meeting the people I had only seen pictures of and heard about through Betsy and Women of Hope Project.

Blessings to you, Mark, and to Laini for sharing this.

Mark and Elayne said...

Debbie: we have both fallen in love with the people. I am looking forward to one day going with you. Or Mark :)

Beth said...

I'm so glad that Mark is well and doing important work there. Stay safe!

Suzi said...

I am so thankful for all that serve this country as we seek to bring peace throughout this world. Mark IS making a difference, and so you are you, my friend. Praying for Mark is a privilege, and I am honored to keep him constantly before the Father as he truly stands in the gap for the people of the Middle East!

Anthony Mulford said...

I am so proud to be his friend. We pray for safety and health. We love you guys.

Marty said...

Hi Laini, Mark --
Keep up the good work ... what you are doing is so important, and it does remind me of 'Three Cups of Tea'!

seeking the truth said...

I think my previous comment got eaten, Mark and Laini,but I just wanted to say thanks for the update Mark and I love how Laini said you were like Nehemiah, Mark; and we know what a man of faith he was!

praying for you all :)