Thursday, February 11, 2010


How Many Deployments = 4

Each Deployment=12

12 Months without my sweetie makes having him home with me, absolutely priceless.

Words often fail me as I write out my feelings, my thoughts. Sometimes they feel like the puzzle box I kicked over, sending the various coloured pieces of cardboard across the floor and spending hours finding them all.
Sometimes I think I'm doing ok: going through thr day with housework or working on a given project.
Other times, I don't even wish to get out of the bed. Why clean? There is no one here to clean for.
Why cook? There is no one here to cook for.
And then the phone rings and it is the voice of my beloved.
He tells me of how his day is going; often working on some project to make the lives of the people of Afghanistan better, either through building of schools, clinices, wells, etc. The villiages he visits, about the children he sees.
And then he ask me about my day. How is the quilt, tapestry, baby afghan coming. Have I found any new recipes to try on him when he gets home?
And then comes the words of love, of how much he misses me, how he is looking forward to coming home and being with me. Playing with my briads, stroking my cheek. He also sings me those silly little songs he made up just for me that always makes me giggle.
His voice fills the room and I can, for a brief time, feel his presence.
Those few moments, 30 to 60 minutes in lenght are gold.
I hang up the phone, knowing I keep the house for his homecoming. I cook so that I can serve his favorite meals when he's back at our table. I get up and keep going, because my beloved needs me to be well, to be strong for his sake as well as my.
I can see him looking at the phone, wiping away a few tears and then heading off for the job of the day, knowing his beloved is home, waiting for him.

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