Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Before Dawn's Early Light

It's almost 7am.
I awike at 6am.
It's 3pm in Afghanistan.
My thoughts are on my beloved. What he's doing, how his many projects are coming along. Is he eating well? Is he sleeping?
It's been a few days since we last spoke and that was to tell him of the death of someone we knew.
Bill's funeral is today and my thoughts are with the family, with his widow Val.
Maybe that is why I'm up so early. Knowing another woman is laying her beloved to rest gives me pause. It makes me what to hold my husband tigher, tell him over and over again how much i love him. To take back thought times we exchanged angry words and replace them with how proud I am of him, what joy he brings to my life. How honoured I am to be his wife. To hear him call me his beloved.
My prayers are with Val this morning; that G-d will indeed comfort her with His comfort.
And for my beloved to return home safe.

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